Friday, November 19, 2010

Minutes of October 16th Silver Doll-ers meeting

In attendance: Jeri, Diane, Mary, Barbara, Di, Linda, Louise, Fran, Bobbie, Angie, Maureen Jaine and Iris 
our guest was Marge. Meeting held at Bobbies home and the program was the leaf dolls. 
Show and tell: Linda showed us her pop up doll from the Marilyn Husted class also the Altoids witch
from Sandy's program last mo.  Maureen shared her woven doll and felted bears going to be on her on line class. Fran took a class  with Eleanor Peace Bailey and showed us her Tiffany fay doll and witch doll.  Mary showed us her pop-up jester doll.
Meeting called to order 
Business cards were discussed and Lynn has design and needs money for the cards, tabled until next meeting. 
By laws change to eliminate dues was passed by a hand vote by members present.
Nominations for next year: Micki-President, Fran Vice President, Maureen program chair lady, Lynn-newsletter, Bobby-treasurer (until we run out of money) and I can't believe it Iris for Secretary.
Mary sent out categories for quilt doll show, need to pay DQ membership no later than Jan 8.  Categories were suggested to DQ.   categories last year, need a big show to get more categories. 
Blog spot Fran doll club APTC Columbus Ohio..
Bobby received updated rooster , and reported $1458.01  will call Sandy for teacher payout.
Mary volunteered to collect and take dolls to quilt show.
New people will pay for Christmas party dinner.
Mary has and will bring money from the DQ challange $100.
Jeri told us she is here May, June, Sep, and Oct
Please add E mail address to rooster
Maureen arranged class for March 4&5 People signed up to go are Fran, Di., Linda, Micki, Bobbie, Angie, Barbara , Lynn, Dottie, Maryann needle sculpting class about $400 for 2 day class.  Should be less than $100 for each person.  Mary on waiting list for class. 
Maureen reported on Christmas party at Maggiano's on Dec. 17th at 6:00 money coming out of treasury for party will have choice of food tax and gratuity not included.  Drinks and wine are extra. Bobby will bring cash and members will pay for their drinks. 
Lynn asking for more info for newsletter.
Jeri shared her fun doing a round robin.
Meeting over Diane brought trash to treasure to share Bobbie said if you want to be reimbursed for the treasure you will need to price it and sell it on your own but not at the BC library. 
Mary has a friend that is giving away tuxedo parts and fabrics we could decorate them for a fund raiser if we want to. 
Bobbie was so patient with teaching us how to make the leaf dolls and had so many of the things we needed right at hand in her home and an fun time was had by all.
Respectfully submitted

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