Friday, November 19, 2010

Minutes of October 16th Silver Doll-ers meeting

In attendance: Jeri, Diane, Mary, Barbara, Di, Linda, Louise, Fran, Bobbie, Angie, Maureen Jaine and Iris 
our guest was Marge. Meeting held at Bobbies home and the program was the leaf dolls. 
Show and tell: Linda showed us her pop up doll from the Marilyn Husted class also the Altoids witch
from Sandy's program last mo.  Maureen shared her woven doll and felted bears going to be on her on line class. Fran took a class  with Eleanor Peace Bailey and showed us her Tiffany fay doll and witch doll.  Mary showed us her pop-up jester doll.
Meeting called to order 
Business cards were discussed and Lynn has design and needs money for the cards, tabled until next meeting. 
By laws change to eliminate dues was passed by a hand vote by members present.
Nominations for next year: Micki-President, Fran Vice President, Maureen program chair lady, Lynn-newsletter, Bobby-treasurer (until we run out of money) and I can't believe it Iris for Secretary.
Mary sent out categories for quilt doll show, need to pay DQ membership no later than Jan 8.  Categories were suggested to DQ.   categories last year, need a big show to get more categories. 
Blog spot Fran doll club APTC Columbus Ohio..
Bobby received updated rooster , and reported $1458.01  will call Sandy for teacher payout.
Mary volunteered to collect and take dolls to quilt show.
New people will pay for Christmas party dinner.
Mary has and will bring money from the DQ challange $100.
Jeri told us she is here May, June, Sep, and Oct
Please add E mail address to rooster
Maureen arranged class for March 4&5 People signed up to go are Fran, Di., Linda, Micki, Bobbie, Angie, Barbara , Lynn, Dottie, Maryann needle sculpting class about $400 for 2 day class.  Should be less than $100 for each person.  Mary on waiting list for class. 
Maureen reported on Christmas party at Maggiano's on Dec. 17th at 6:00 money coming out of treasury for party will have choice of food tax and gratuity not included.  Drinks and wine are extra. Bobby will bring cash and members will pay for their drinks. 
Lynn asking for more info for newsletter.
Jeri shared her fun doing a round robin.
Meeting over Diane brought trash to treasure to share Bobbie said if you want to be reimbursed for the treasure you will need to price it and sell it on your own but not at the BC library. 
Mary has a friend that is giving away tuxedo parts and fabrics we could decorate them for a fund raiser if we want to. 
Bobbie was so patient with teaching us how to make the leaf dolls and had so many of the things we needed right at hand in her home and an fun time was had by all.
Respectfully submitted

Friday, October 15, 2010

Silver Doll-ers September 18 meeting

In attendance Sandy, Linda, Di, Lynn, Mary, Barbara, Angie, Dottie, Micki, Jeri and Iris.  Guest Jaine Vaughan and Charlie Johnson (the bead lady). 
Sandy has program and brought tins for everyone to paint so we did that before meeting so they were dry.  Charlie mentioned a feather boa group and decided they would meet on Oct 6 with E mail to all members. Discussed Business cards for the Silver Doll-ers with Micki and Maryanne to do design of cards; asked if anyone else would like to help. No permanent location on cards as we move around; check blog spot for info of next meeting.  Lynn will bring samples and face of mascot if we want to use on cards.  Update for doll judges for quilt show needs to be put in program; this will be the main topic for next meeting.
Maryann sent a suggestion of going dark for the summer months and that was discussed and decided that many like it full time. If you can make it, do so and if you can't see you the next month.
Talked about elimination of dues like Art Quilts and E Belles do, and go on a pay as you go as far as classes you would like to take with no pressure to pay or stay for program. 
Money was originally collected to pay for mailing of the newsletter which we no longer do.Suggestion to use for our Christmas party and then pay as you go. We will be voting on this next month. 
We will need money to have business cards printed up. 
By-laws will need to be changed. 
Mary told of her computer problems and will be resolved in the next couple of weeks.  Jaine and Charlie introduced.
Thank you for those who participated in the Desert quilter's retreat centerpieces. 
Charlie talked about her space at Nellis AFB which charges 25% of the sales to show dolls or other things there. 
Mary said there were 99 people at the DQ retreat.  The donated batting for McDonald house resulted in 30 quilts being donated.  You can see pictures of them on the Internet. 
Roster was sent around again to be sure there were no corrections.
Jeri volunteered to house Wendy when she comes to teach and it can be either clay or cloth but she is not here May, June or Sept or Oct.  Sandy said Wendy was very expensive and maybe we could go to Piece makers to have class.  Coming from Canada and could be around  $800 to have her come here.
Maureen has Doritt coming March 5 & 6 and Sandy read the by-laws that people would have to sign up and make deposit for the class at that meeting and those not at the meeting would have to send deposit with someone to save them a space.  Her class is very reasonable and address any questions to Maureen. 
Next meeting at Bobby house; we will be making the leaf baby and she will send out supply lists.
Discussed about Christmas party: what date is best for all; decided to have it on Fri Dec. 17 and then where would it be fun to have it. Micki said she would use her influence to have it at Garfield's or Bellagio cafe if possible. 
Names were passed out to those who would like to participate in the doll pin exchange. 
Lynn posted newsletter very nicely done. and will send out form for members to fill out.
Elections will be in November.
Mary received a check from DQ and it was decided to divide it up among those who participated in the challenge.
Many wonderful show and tell items:  Jeri took knom class from Maureen and finished it to show.  Also ornaments that her made with trims from Diane.  Dottie showed her doll from Patti Colea patters and told us how she used the tea juice dyes and washed the color out to get the perfect shade.  Barbara showed purses she is making. Mary shared the beautiful tassells she made. and beaded doll.  Lynn shared the wedding purse she is beading with the watermelon print inside.  Di dimensional doll from liquor cup and straws.
Micki wanted to know if we wanted to have a meet and greet at her home and how many would come that far with the class being the next day. It was decided not to have it as it was unclear just when she would be here. 
Meeting adjourned with lunch and program thank you Sandy.
Respectfully  submitted

Monday, May 17, 2010

Below are the photos I took (Mary Ashcraft) at our Silver Doll-ers club meeting held at the Boulder City Library this month. As always, any errors or ommissions are just generally tough luck! Just kidding... Contact me and I'll make changes.

As an aside, it was agreed upon this meeting that future doll instructors will be presented on this blog for everyone's consideration one month before we agree to book. Coming soon will be the information from Maurine Adrezin about Wendy Lynn Rinehart, a Canadian teacher who is discussing either a Nip Tuck (fabric) class, or one on polymer clay. as well as information on Christine Shively. 

Sandy Leal brought this doll from a previous doll club member, and offered it for Trash to Treassure. Since several of us were interested, names were drawn, and it went home with Jeri Mills.

Lynn Schofield Dahl gave a demo for the group on building a seat for our dolls out of candle sticks, or perhaps a tuna can. Above are the items she brought to share, and a demo doll sitting on her oh-so-fancy seat.

These are some of the future seating projects that were begun during Lynn's workshop! Nice job, Lynn.

We have a show and tell each month that is enjoyed by all.

Micki completed this darling dress from a pattern by Barbara Willis.

Lynn Schofield Dahl let us see her finished chair from the Jean Bernard class. Last blog you saw it with her mermaid seated.

Jeri Mills is back with us from New Hampshire, and showed us how far out of the block she has gone with this orange doll.

Dottie Millington took her chair home from Jean Bernard's class and added more embellishments. Nice job Dottie. Especially for a new dollmaker!

Bobbye Kee brought us her Humpty Dumpty doll she made from a pattern she brought back from EDAC several years ago. The hands are polymer clay over an armature, and the head is also polymer clay.

Bobbye Kee also brought us a wrapped wire chair she made this month.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The photos this month were taken by Lynn Schofield Dahl as I was unable to attend . Some need identification, so when you see yours, let me know!

Sandy Leal doll created from the original silk "curvy lady" challenge. Wow! What a stretch, Sandy!

Fran showed her new tassel dolls

Teri Duffy has completed a mermaid from the Cyndi Mahlstadt pattern.

Maurine needle felted the faces of her grandchildren. Beautiful work!

This dolly was also created by Maurine!

These are some of the entries in the Mermaid/Curvy Lady embellishing challenge.
The second from the right is Micki Donch DiGangi, and the far right is Diane Zammito.

These three dolls were judged most beautiful. The two on the right were by me, Mary Ashcraft! The other will be identified when someone lets me know whose it is!

These three dolls (on left by Lynn Schofield Dahl, the one on the right by Dottie Millington center unidentified), were winners in the mixed media group.

These dolls (left unk., middle Mary Ashcraft and right Lynn Schofield Dahl) were awarded most humorous.

Here's the response from Jean Bernard when I forwarded our blogspot to her so she could see the dolls we made in her class:

wooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo thank YOU! I love seeing the completed chairs. Everyone did such a great job. This was a wonderful group of talented artists and I enjoyed myself more than any of you will ever know. Thank you so much for allowing me to come play for 3 days. I came home with my cup overflowing with positive energy!!!
Thank you SO VERY MUCH!
ooooooooooooooooooooo be sure to check out my free classes on my website. Share the site with your group. Jean

So, here it is! checkk out her free tutorials.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Many of us were interested in contacting Jean Bernard, as she so generously offered to respond. So for those of you - here's her e-mail

For those of you who wanted to order the microbeads or the DG-3, here's the website:

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friday, Saturday and Sunday last a number of us attended a class given by Jean Bernard at the Boulder City Library. What a class! We learned to work with apoxie sculpt, plaster cloth, wire mesh, delight paper clay, and an amazing number of glass beads, glitters, and other wonderful things. The concept was a chair that had doll parts. However, as you can see from the pieces below, we went far afield from that!

Lynn Schofield Dahl chair with mermaid

Bobbye Kee

Diane Zammito


Iris Puccini

Fran Parrigan Meehan

Louise Cisco

Linda Dufrene


Louise Cisco

Mary Ashcraft's seat for mermaid

mermaid sitting on chair

Micki Donch DiGangi

Sandy Leal

Teri Duffy